One of the challenges of Scrum is that there may be several candidates for the Product Owner role – they may have a job title of Product Manager, Business Analyst or could be a Dev team leader. Each of these options has plus and minus points, for example the Product Manager is ideally placed to […]

There are many kinds of software projects – from a trailblazing green-fields adventure through to a release of defect fixes for a mature application. Who makes a good Product Owner – what attributes should they have and does it differ when it’s a new challenge as opposed to turning the handle? Firstly – for all […]

Hopefully in my previous posts on this subject I’ve given you ideas on what to look out for and how to manage your particular cases. As with many things there is no “silver bullet” for this, most agile tools concentrate on the team/Scrum/Kanban aspects. To summarise – It still makes sense to┬ádo the obvious Project […]

Typically a team will have several things that they juggle – as well as work on the new release they will probably have defects that they need to fix on older releases. There are various strategies for dealing with maintenance work, including – Allocate some outside sprint time to deal with defects and technical debt […]

Going back to my making a cup of tea example – what are the chances that the cups are not usable? Maybe a cup got damaged somehow, this obviously has an impact on the things that need to do done as instead of preparing the tea we now need to replace a cup, maybe go […]

In the previous blogs of this series we’ve looked at the importance of establishing a MUST HAVE payload and also being aware of the dependencies that your teams/features may have with other teams/products. Of course, the more teams and the more complex the payload then the more difficult it will be to determine what needs […]

So we can envisage a release with multiple features and we can (and should) prioritise them so that in the event of a change to scope or team priorities it’s clear what are the essential features that constitute the MUST HAVE payload forming the Minimum Marketable Features (MMF). With a single team this should be […]