I’m sure now it’s August a lot of us are thinking about holidays/vacation. Here’s a simple example how to apply MoSCoW thinking – for those who don’t know MoSCoW stands for MUST, SHOULD, COULD and WON’T – the idea is that you use these categories to ensure that the things are prioritised, rather than just […]

Let’s imagine a scenario – let’s say that we have two teams – Blue and Green. The Blue team have a steady velocity of 40 story points whereas the Green team yoyos – last iteration it was only 25 and the iteration before it was 45. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, the Blue […]

Last year I wrote a blog called Help Your Team Understand Its Velocity – so I’d recommend that if you haven’t read it previously. In addition let’s consider the type of work that the team may have on their iteration – it’s interesting that a lot of tools may just have stories or stories and defects […]

If you’re doing Agile then you obviously care about your team’s velocity. But what should we be looking for? Improvement or predictability? I would say in general the most important aspect is predictability – if a team does 40 story points for one iteration then we want the same again please. If they do 30 […]

The next Project Challenge will be on 11th and 12th October at London Olympia. It’s free and a great way to see interesting presentations on all aspects of Project Management and to network with other professionals. See here for more details – http://www.projchallenge.com/

For the last few weeks I’ve written about aspects that an ideal Source of Truth should be able to provide – perhaps the hardest part is how all of these aspects become combined in a highly visible and easy to use manner. These multiple aspects – providing team-centric views, understanding dependencies and risk, being able […]

Getting good rolled-up views is also something we need our source of truth to provide. The devil is often in the detail but we need key aspects of this detail to be visible at a higher level – a good rolled-up view will be able to show where any issues may be lurking. Blocked stories […]


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