Isaac Asimov once wrote his famous 3 laws of robotics, they were declared within his “I Robot” series of stories and largely used as a vehicle to write stories that illustrated these laws and possible conflicts that could arise. The age of AI is upon us and thankfully we still don’t have to worry about Asimov’s laws(!) but […]

There is plenty of scope for making sense of data in Agile – in several previous blogs I wrote about how an Agile tool could be improved and a lot of scenarios are making sense of the data and making suggestions based on the data which sounds ideal territory for AI! This can obviously be […]

Researching around use of AI in Agile has been fascinating! – there’s one project where they describe building a virtual Scrum Master and the challenges associated – I’m not going to quote anything as the Disclaimer is fairly off-putting(!) but here are my thoughts below on having a virtual Scrum Master. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, […]

My previous series of blogs have been thinking about what we’re looking for from an Agile (Scrum) tool. Thinking about how an Agile tool could act more like an Agile coach leads to a more general question – how could AI be applied with Agile? All around we’re starting to see the potential of AI […]

The iteration retrospective is an opportunity to discuss how things went openly and constructively. As we discussed for the iteration review an Agile tool should be capable of providing a summary of the iteration and this will also be useful during the retrospective. We should be able to compare the state of the iteration after planning to the […]

Let’s think a bit more about the uncompleted stories in this iteration. Perhaps one thing we can do is carry them over to the next iteration – this tidies up the current iteration and then during planning for the next iteration we can decide whether these carried-over stories will be completed in the next iteration. […]

Now we’ve finished our iteration so what do we want from our Agile tool? Ideally we want a summary of the iteration – how many stories were accepted and how many weren’t completed. We want to compare this against what we committed to, so what was planned compared to what actually happened. We should also have a […]