So – I’ve put forward the case to differentiate between iterations – sprint zero and hardening, from a “normal” iteration. What if your sprint (or multiple sprints) are largely doing maintenance – should we think differently for this as well? For a Maintaining sprint we can expect the pay-load to consist mostly of defects and technical debt. Unless […]

It’s also fairly common to have hardening sprints, these are used to ensure that the offering is suitable for release so the emphasis is on testing and fixing defects. But, I hear you say, I thought the aim was for any iteration to be potentially releasable? That is obviously a desirable aim as then you […]

A sprint zero can be used by a team who are just starting on a release – the backlog may need fleshing out, they may have technical debt that they want to deal with now rather than allow it to slow the team down over subsequent iterations. They may have work that they need to […]

A while ago I was researching around “Sprint zero” – there were some agile purists who thought it not necessary whereas an other view was to see it as an opportunity to prepare the backlog and do whatever start-up activity was necessary, ahead of actually starting the team on the work to be done in […]

The SAFe site is a great resource, I suggest you take a look. In particular there is this page on iteration planning. This page of information covers a range of areas that I’ve discussed in previous blogs – focusing the iteration on iteration goals ensuring that the stories are estimated and sufficient acceptance criteria calculating capacity […]

I’m sure now it’s August a lot of us are thinking about holidays/vacation. Here’s a simple example how to apply MoSCoW thinking – for those who don’t know MoSCoW stands for MUST, SHOULD, COULD and WON’T – the idea is that you use these categories to ensure that the things are prioritised, rather than just […]

Let’s imagine a scenario – let’s say that we have two teams – Blue and Green. The Blue team have a steady velocity of 40 story points whereas the Green team yoyos – last iteration it was only 25 and the iteration before it was 45. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, the Blue […]