A lot of teams are using Agile tools but, as mentioned in the previous blog, some of these teams aren’t getting much insight from using them. This begs the question – what do you want from an Agile tool? Teams typically (and not surprisingly!)  are looking for a tool to support how they work. Self Organizing teams […]

As the well known phrase goes “Garbage in – garbage out”. This applies with Scrum as well, if teams fail to pay attention to how they update their agile tracking tool then little insight will be gained to understand their velocity and/or predict their working pattern. Teams may see the upkeep of an agile tracking […]

In the previous blogs I’ve discussed “who” makes a good Product Owner. Whenever we’re looking at a Product Owner role one thing is clear, they need to interface closely or represent the business. If the Product Owner is purely concerned with the technical side then the team can be exposed to the same old risks […]

Looking at the Scaled Agile Framework (SaFe) there are these useful links to help define the Product Management/Product Owner relationship – https://www.scaledagileframework.com/product-owner/ https://www.scaledagileframework.com/product-and-solution-management/ The Product Owner is described as “the member of the Agile team who serves as the Customer proxy responsible for working with Product Management and other stakeholders—including other POs—to define and prioritize […]

The next Project Challenge will be on 9th and 10th October at London Olympia. It’s free and a great way to see interesting presentations on all aspects of Project Management and to network with other professionals. See here for more details – http://www.projchallenge.com/

One of the challenges of Scrum is that there may be several candidates for the Product Owner role – they may have a job title of Product Manager, Business Analyst or could be a Dev team leader. Each of these options has plus and minus points, for example the Product Manager is ideally placed to […]

There are many kinds of software projects – from a trailblazing green-fields adventure through to a release of defect fixes for a mature application. Who makes a good Product Owner – what attributes should they have and does it differ when it’s a new challenge as opposed to turning the handle? Firstly – for all […]