With Scrum, before a story gets on an iteration it is on the product backlog. The backlog is essentially a queue of work in a priority order and the nearer the story gets to the top of the backlog the more likely it will be included in the next sprint. With Kanban you don’t have to have the concept of […]

From my point of view this is really important for Scrum, that’s why it’s Rule Number 1! If you over commit then you end up carrying over stories on a regular basis, this means that the next iteration is already more difficult as there is a lot of unfinished work and this affects the team’s productivity […]

Earlier this year I revisited the Agile Golden Rules that I first suggested in 2008. These were written from a Scrum viewpoint so I was wondering whether they also apply for Kanban? I’m fairly new to Kanban so this is new ground for me, to begin with I’ll list the original rules and the couple […]

I encounter this on a regular basis and once again the team’s ability to self-organize will result in several possible approaches. There’s no perfect answer, the team are best placed to decide on how to handle it but I’ll attempt to assess some of the approaches that I’ve seen below. Where  a team are regularly […]

I’ve heard that some teams say that they don’t like giving estimates as they feel that it’s often difficult to estimate and once they provide an estimate they fear criticism if they end up spending more time. I can understand that to a point as sometimes the complexity and risk associated with a story may […]

In my previous blog article on this I implied that you can do this in two ways estimating relative size, risk and complexity using a normalised scale For the latter we need to use hours (how else can we normalise?) For the former we don’t necessarily need to use hours to compare relative size, complexity and risk […]

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