One big factor when estimating stories and tasks within stories is to ask yourself the question “have I done this before”? If the answer to this question is “yes” then you should be able to adapt in whatever way is necessary your previous experience to estimate these new stories and tasks – the risk should […]

Having a team self organize is one of the most flexible and challenging aspects in Agile – particularly where there may be several teams working in a scaled agile scenario. The concept of self-organization is related to the Agile Manifesto principle “The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from self-organizing teams” (see Agile Manifesto – […]

Another one I can think of to add to those from 2008 is “No 9 – Regularly check your work-in-progress/flow”. For Scrum control of flow is implicit, the team have a velocity and this is an indication backed up with historical evidence as to how much work the team are capable of handling within an iteration. Yet, […]

So, back in 2008 I had 7 Golden Rules, but now I can think of more… No 8 – Go for where the “value” is Rule 8 is an acknowledgement that simply following scrum and expecting it all to work is an over-simplification – you need to continually be focussed on getting the value into the […]

There’s so much I could write about this – when I suggested this Golden Rule back in 2008 I was thinking that if you ignore burn-down charts and velocity then you effectively end up “doing stuff” and that was contrary to the ideas of agile. First and foremost you look at the burn-down chart because […]

Getting clear and agreed acceptance criteria is essential to allow the team to complete stories and be confident that they will be accepted. Being clear with acceptance criteria is an important skill of the Product Owner role – they need to be able to convey what they see as being the key aspects for a given […]

Continual improvement is a key part of agile, the mind-set should be that we can always do things better and so the end of sprint retrospective is an important opportunity for the team to discuss how things went and what could be improved. As the team will hold a retrospective after each sprint it’s easy […]